Fun Run

Fall Fun Run donations are a major component of how our PTA organization supports Windy Ridge K-8’s continued success. The Windy Ridge PTA serves to bridge the gap between available resources from OCPS and what our students and educators need to thrive. Without your generous donations, many of our programs would be impossible.

Congratulations Silverhawks on raising $37,508.90.

Every student who donates at least $20 has the chance to win a prize in our prize drawing. For each $20 donated, students receive a virtual ticket in our prize drawing. So a student who donates $60 will have 3 tickets entered.

Prizes will be given out on October 31st. We will draw one ticket for each prize we have. We will go in the order tickets are drawn for the first 25 students. This is more than the number of what we consider the “bigger” prizes. After that the order is random and the students get to make a choice from the prizes remaining. For a complete list of the students drawn for a prize and the top 25 click here:

Check out the Fun Run Flyer for more information! Flyer available in English, Spanish & Portuguese.