Photo Collection!!

Hello Parents!

As a part of celebrating our 8th Graders this year we are asking for pictures!  On the day of the 8th Grade Walk-Out students will get to see a Flashback Video, with pictures from Elementary school and Middle School.  Here are the emails we need you to send us.

Email #1
Please send an email to, subject should be your Student’s Name with a photo from 8th grade attached. This can be a first day of school picture, a vacation picture, a school party picture, a school concert picture, or something similar.  But your child must be alone in the photo.  No friends or family members. And your student must be dressed according to OCPS dress code.

Optional for Email #1
IF your child was not here in 5th grade, or you did not send in the photos listed below at the end of their 5th grade year, please also attach the following photos. Same guidelines as listed above. (If you are not sure if you submitted these photos three years ago, feel free to email and ask.)

  1. 1 photo at one year old
  2. 1 photo from Kindergarten 
  3. 1 photo from 2nd grade 
  4. 1 photo from 5th grade

Email #2
Please send an email to, subject should be the GRADE and student name the pictures are from (Example: 6th Grade, John Smith) with no more than 10 photos attached.  You may submit one email for each grade, 6th to 8th.

  • Please follow these guidelines:
    • Maximum of one photo per year IF your child is alone. 
    • We would love photos that show groups of Windy Ridge kids.  Field Trips, Field Days, Dances or Class Parties, WRMS Sports.
    • Photos with backgrounds should be of school related events only.  So NOT a picture of them playing sports or at a family celebration.  Those photos will not be included.