Dr. Karena Chunoo – Principal

Favorite Foods and Snacks: Mexican/Greek Food, Burntwood Tavern, Cinnamon Gum, Gummy Bears
Favorite place for Gift Cards: Burntwood Tavern, Hand & Stone, Amazon, Disney, Central Nail and Day Spa

Jackie Lemieux – Assistant Principal K-5

Birthday: June 11
Favorite Drinks for at School: Diet Coke with Lime Cherry Vanilla Sprite or Starry
Favorite School Snacks: Trail mix/Kind bars/popcorn
Favorite place for Gift Cards: Loft Outlet, Movies, Ross, Longhorns, Magiannos, CFA, Chilis
Favorite Out of School Entertainment and Ways to Relieve Stress: Movies, Beach, Shopping, Massage

Jacquie Herrera – Assistant Principal 6-8

Birthday: January 27
Favorite Drinks for at School: Water, sparkling water
Favorite School Snacks: Skinny popcorn
Favorite place for Gift Cards: Amazon, Walmart
Favorite out of school entertainment and ways to relieve stress: Bowling and reading