8th Grade Celebration

Hello 8th Grade Parents,

We need your help! As we near the end of the year, we are gearing up for our student’s final
days Windy Ridge. For many of them, this has been their home for 9 years! As is the tradition
at Windy Ridge, we are hard at work planning events for the end of the school year, our biggest
one being the 8th Grade Celebration Dance.

Historically, students at Windy Ridge receive a large celebration at the end of their 5th and 8th
grade years. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, our current 8th grade class did not have a
5th grade party. They also missed out on a few field trips and other experiences during that
time. Because of these missed activities, we are determined to make this 8th grade celebration
the best and biggest party that we can! We want this to be the highlight of your student’s
middle school experience before they are off to high school in the fall.

We have been fundraising in various ways all year and have a very good start, enough to cover
a super cool venue and food and DJ. But we would like to have some extra stuff to make this
extra special, including a 360 camera that the kids would absolutely love! To make this happen,
we need additional funds. If you are willing to help us make this event the best it could possibly
be for your super special student, please see the ways to give below. 100 percent of your
generous donation will go directly to making this party a huge success for your student and
their friends.

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our amazing students!
The 8th Grade Party Planning committee

Ways to donate:
***Cash can be sent in an envelope to the school labeled “8th Grade Party”. There is a PTA drop
box in the front office that the envelope can be dropped in.
***Online donations can be sent through Venmo ONLY to our fundraising chairperson,
Brooke Benson, @Brooke-Benson-42  (Phone number confirmation 9705)